Rolex Day Date II Automatic Movement Full Gold Diamond Bezel And Markers With Golden Dial En45951

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Rolex Day Date II Automatic Movement Full Gold Diamond Bezel And Markers With Golden Dial En45951

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  • Item Number: en45951

    Our Price:$129.00 |
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    Description: Best Rolex Day-Date II Automatic Movement Full Gold Diamond Bezel and Markers with Golden Dial is crafted by experienced workers using high-quality materials.
    Movement: Automatic
    Color: Colors: Golden
    Dial Color: Dial Colors: Golden
    Gender: Man Size(DayDate)36mm, Lady Size(Dayjust) 26mm

    What does this measure?

    Water Resistant

    Our watches have basic water resistance, it can bear daily life water like water drop and rainfall. If pay more 20 USD, then you can wear it swimming and won't have any damage. Please add this link Water Resistance to your cart and checkout together with the watch.

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  • by

    Love it.

  • by

    Does it mean that the color of the watch, even if it gets wet on the beach, does not lose its color ??? And if they spend 5 years or more, they will still have the same color ???.... Does the watch work with a battery or is it solar powered or what is it like? Can you answer me soon so i can buy the one i want more faster...!!! Thank you

    The color won't fade as the time goes by, and it is automatic movement, it works without batteries.

  • by

    When these watches last, the paint wears and loses its color or does not lose its color ????

    The color on the watch won't fade as the time goes by.

  • by

    How much time does it take to came after we order it

    The normal shipping time is about 6-10 days.

  • by

    Hello there ehat’s the function of Rolex Day Date II Automatic Movement Full Gold Diamond Bezel And Markers With Golden Dial En45951

    The watch is automatic movement, all functions work fine.

  • by

    I eant to k oe how the extra 20$ make the watch support the water and how we know that you guys going to make them water proff if we pay for it.

    Our supplier will enhance the water resistance with a waterproof ring.

  • by

    Does it look like the real one and does the color fade?

    Yes, our watches are 1:1 replicas, it's hard to tell a difference. Our watches have triple wrapped gold plating. All of our replica watches are made from a resistant stainless steel metal alloy. The ones that are gold plated are then further coated with a protective layer for more resistance. This insures that their color will not turn or fade with time and use. However, you will have to take care of them and try not to let them get scratched.

  • by

    hey i am really interested in buying from you guys, but i would like to confirm that the website is legit before buying. i would like some type of confirmation before the purchase. im waiting on your response to make the purchase thank you

  • by

    Are the day and date function really working or just for show?

    They are real functional.

  • by


    Yes, it has 41 mm, just place an order on the website directly if you are interested.

  • by

    It is amazing! Thank you for all.

  • by

    I received it thank you.

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