Rolex DayDate Gold Stainless Steel Ribbed Bezel Goldish Dial 41979

Rolex DayDate Gold Stainless Steel Ribbed Bezel Goldish Dial En58925

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Rolex DayDate Gold Stainless Steel Ribbed Bezel Goldish Dial En58925

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  • Item Number: en58925

    Our Price:$119.00 |
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    Movement: Kinetic (Automatic)
    Back: yellow gold plated stainless steel snap-in back with Rolex authenticity hologram sticker
    Quality: Japanese Miyota
    Case: Yellow gold plated stainless steel case
    Bezel: yellow gold plated stainless steel ribbed bezel
    Watch Clasp: Flip Clasp
    Glass: Sapphire Crystal
    Dial Color: Gold
    Gender: Men
    Diameter : 50 x 41 mm
    Bracelet Length: 190 x 21 mm
    Case Thickness: 13 mm
    Shipping Size: Small
    Crown: Rolex logo engraved yellow gold plated stainless steel cutwork crown
    Bracelet: yellow gold plated stainless steel link bracelet with logo engraved hidden clasp

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    Water Resistant

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  • by

    Thank you so much just got my watch today and i love it. Fast shipping and great watch...

  • by

    Does the color fade?

    The watch is not fading the color, it is because of the light angle, please don't worry. Our watches have triple wrapped gold plating. All of our replica watches are made from a resistant stainless steel metal alloy. The ones that are gold plated are then further coated with a protective layer for more resistance. This insures that their color will not turn or fade with time and use. However, you will have to take care of them and try not to let them get scratched.

  • by

    Do you have this watch for lady? how many in mm?

    Yes, available with size of 26mm

  • by

    Hi, I would like to know if there is any discount for first time buyers. Is there any discount when you pay with Wester Union or other method? What is the discount.

    If you pay via western union or money gram, we can offer you 10% discount.

  • by

    Is woman size available of this model? I need a couple for wedding.

    Yes, lady size is available, please order two on our website directly, and leave a comment" one for men and the other for lady", after receive your payment,we will send you a confirmation.

  • by

    Hong long ship to Guinea please?

    Normal shipping time is about 5-9 days, thank you.

  • by

    On the pictures provided here the cyristal seems to be curved like the original Rolex but every watch I've gotten from you has the flat Saphire cyristal. Which one does this one really have?

    We use genuine crystal sapphire for the face of the watch just like is used on the original brand name made watch.
    The watch that you'll receive will be exactly like in the pictures posted on the website.

  • by

    Can i get the days made in a different language? German perhaps?

    No, the days are in English.

  • by

    Amazing!!. Okay, I was very very skeptical about buying from this site, I didn't know if I would get ripped off or, not receive it. We'll people let me tell you if you want a watch I mean a good replica watch, order from this site!

    I had a few issues with ordering my first time, because of the western union security, p.s. Use your card. I then went back and ordered using my visa and felt confident enough to trust this site.

    The customer service is amazingly great, they helped me though my order from the western union offering different solutions. They send you email verifications throughout the whole process, customer service by phone takes awhile to get ahold to them, but they are super nice once you are connected to one of their representatives

    The process and verification took a week cause of the delay in their warehouse, but took 4 days to ship! After they said it was shipped, can't get any better than that

    The watch is incredibly beautiful it has a good weight and shines and sparkles with the light which makes it look even more authentic, they give you the watch in a nice little box with a pillow wrapped well in bubble wrap

    I will be buying again soon!

  • by

    This watch is an elegant timepiece. This watch is amazing, The quality is perfect as the name of the website says and i will recommend this to anyone looking to buy from here, absolutely stunning and it looks and feels exactly the same to the authentic version. Will be buying from here again

  • by

    Rolex daydate gold watch. This is a watch I only wear on special occasions...I absolutely love this watch!! It's very elegant and looks exactly like the real deal. Has nice weight to it and I get a lot of compliments on it, almost too many! The only complaint that I have is I keep having to call in to the site to send me new bands because I keep getting bands where the screw by the clasp of the watch keeps falling out due to the links thread being stripped. However I can say that the site has done a wonderful job making an effort to accommodate me on fixing the issue on several occasions. Othey than the issues I've had with the band on this watch the watch is absolutely flawless. I would definitely recommend this site to a friend as a matter of a fact I have and they love it!!!

  • by

    Good watches a little over priced. Quality of the watch is pretty good very heavy decent sweep second hand , size shape marking perfect appearance perfect , you just have to be delicate if you have a gold one. As for the Japanese miyota automatic movement not the best the crown winds not smooth feels fragile the date changes at mid night but the day doesn't change till about 2:30 am so the day mechanism is a little slow . My personal opinion I think there slightly over priced I feel like the Japanese ones should be $180-200 and the Swiss $350-400 but that's me bein honestly the look and feel is great I actually just bought another

  • by

    Amazing watch. The watch has all the right markings. Would recommend this watch to anyone. I wear it pretty much everyday. It is my favorite replica. Thank you so much.

  • by

    best buy. I find this watch is very classy and stylish for any occasion will love to recommend this to my friends and family this watch has a very classy feel and look

  • by

    sono placcati o laminati in oro?

    Tutti i nostri orologi replica sono realizzati in una lega metallica in acciaio inossidabile resistente. Quelli che sono placcati oro sono poi ulteriormente rivestito con uno strato protettivo per maggiore resistenza. Questo assicura che il loro colore non si accende o scomparire col tempo e l'uso. Tuttavia, si dovr

  • by

    impressive watch. I wear this everyday! Such an amazing watch.
    all functions work, the only thing is the magnifying isnt perfect.
    other than this it is a perfect watch!fantastic!

  • by

    Since this a not a swiss , do the days still move correctly?

    Yes, day and date are functional.

  • by

    Really Dope Watch. I use this watch everyday when i dont want to wear my authentic Rolex. The weight all the way to the logos are totally on point, i love this watch and definitely look forward to buying another one. Sometimes the time stops but all you have to do is walk around and it starts back up

  • by

    Gorgeous Day/Date Rolex - Perfect Copy!!. The watch has exact markings and unless you're a professional Rolex jeweler, you won't detect any difference from the original. I have the exact same authentic watch and side by side, even the weight, are identical. Unless you stare from inches away and detect the slight - very hard to see, tiny tick as opposed to the exact second hand perfect sweep, everyone will think you have the $50K timepiece on. The best replica I've seen! The price is great as well!

  • by

    This Rolex is the most biggest DayDate 50 x 41 mm correct ? the other ones are 45mm correct ?

    Each model has the diameter posted on the website. We have different sizes, so please check our Rolex Day Date collection.

  • by

    what is the case diametrer thanks

    The watch diameter is 50 x 41 mm.

  • by

    salve,la parte inferiore dell'orologio ?

    Questo orologio ?

  • by


    No aceptamos PayPal. En este momento aceptamos pagos con Visa, American Express, WebMoney, cargo en cuenta bancaria, transferencia bancaria y Western Union.

  • by

    Hi, I am interested in the gold Rolex as well as one of your cartier's. If the description says kinetic automatic, that means it's not run by battery, only runs on movement?
    Thank you so much!

    It will run by movement.

  • by

    Amazing watch. This watch is my favorite. Absolutely beautiful.

  • by

    This is real site

    Yes, the website is real.

  • by

    I would buy this product again and agai. Very nice watch look very real

  • by

    Does this have Swiss or Japanese movement?

    This watch has Japanese Automatic movement, 21 jewels, sweeping second hand.

  • by

    Whats the weight of the watch?

    Weight of the watch is 110gr.

  • by

    Will definitely buy again#. Watch is so nice to look at! Very happy with my purchase and all buy again.

  • by

    sono laminati oro o placcati?e quanti micron?

    L'orologio ?

  • by

    Beautiful and Elegant. What a beautiful watch. Looks and feels like the real Rolex I looked at. Cant even tell the difference, the details are close to perfect. Very happy with my purchase. Your customer support staff was also very helpful and professional. Highly recommend this product from replicawatches.

  • by

    Is this watch heavy as an original?

    Yes, it is. Gram for gram, we have carefully included all of the same thicknesses and densities of material as the genuine brand has. This means that they will sit perfectly on your wrist, and have the same 'hand-feel' as the real thing.

  • by

    Great. Very happy with my purchase ....

    Lots of people compliment me with a watch
    And say it seems like a real one! Is it a real one?????

    I just smile and say thank you,

    Good service and great delivery status.


  • by

    Very happy with my watch. First of all I am amazed by how good the service of replicawatches is. thank you for the great service.

    when my transaction was completed I got a email with the information that the watch has been shipped, with tracking number. step by step I received a email with information of the status of the watch.

    my watch was 1 day delayed end right away I received a email with an excuse for the delay and the option to get my money back...

    I already knew that the watch was already in Amsterdam so there was no stress.

    the next day I received the watch...
    in a good box with extra pins for the links.

    Very very very nice totally in love.
    I see right away if its a fake and really its close to perfection for the eye its a real one.

    all the little details are great.

    I love the size , weight , color , zirconia's, and the second hand is great like he doesn't tik very smooth.

    i really will recommend to order here your watch. good price, great service, good delivery. and a very nice watch. thank you!!

  • by

    hanno garanzia i vostri orologi?


  • by

    Amazing watch. just looks amazing, top notch quality espically with the micro etched crown.

  • by

    Beautiful . Beautiful watch. Looks and feels like the real thing. Always get compliments. Great customer support.

  • by

    la parte posteriore dell'orologio(il fondello)

    L'orologio ha un snap-in posteriore.

  • by

    Hello ,i wish to buy this watch but my wrist mesures 21 cm. Is it possible to enlarge the bracelet for me?.
    I will pay the differense

    The bracelet length is 190 x 21 mm. We can provide extra links along with your order for free. Just let us know after placing the order and we will assist you accordingly.

  • by

    I bought the 37mm rolex like this and it looks too small on my hand, is this the biggest face rolex you have on this site? whats the size of this one realistic?

    The Rolex DayDate Gold Stainless Steel Ribbed Bezel Goldish Dial 41979 (en58925) has a 50 x 41 mm diameter. Each model has the description posted on the website. All our watches are made after the originals, that includes also the size.

  • by

    The rolex without swiss, does it tick like a fake ? or does it whitle the way the real one does?

    No, all our automatic watches have a sweeping second hand.

  • by

    Does the rolex day date rl94 come in the largest size?

    The only diameter we have is 50 x 41 mm .

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